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This series offers 3 DVD's with 4 belt levels to Black Belt. Plus a Master's DVD with 2nd,3rd & 4th Degree material. It encompasses Chi Sau exercises, trapping skills, sticky hands, stances, shields,

footwork, strikes, kicks, the four zones, takedowns, attack defenses and more.

Regular price, $99.95.


Testing to 1st Degree may be done on one video for $59.95. Testing from 1st Deg. to 4th Deg. may be done on one additional video for $59.95.
About the Instructor: Master Troy Burchett holds Black Belt ranking in two Karate systems. He is the World Karate Champion ( Arnold Classic 2001) and has turned his handicap into an explosive Karate system, you see Troy is legally blind
and can only see a few feet in front of himself.
Master Burchett is available for Seminars and Personal
TrapFighting Black BeltCourse, 3 DVD's with 4 levels to 1st Deg. Black Belt, $59.95 plus free shipping. Regular price $99.99.
TrapFighting Master'sCourse, 4 DVD's, all requirements to 4th Degree Black Belt,$69.95 ! Free shipping ! Regular price $109.99.
Short sparring clip using TrapFighting principles.