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Sambo is one of the world's most brutal Martial Arts. It emphasizes real world combat applications. While being known for its high impact throwing techniques, armlocks and strangulations, it is the unique combination of leg locking techniques that have made it famous. Sambo, an acronym, translates "self defense without weapons ".

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The founders of Sambo deliberately sifted through all of the world's martial arts available to them to augment their military's hand-to-hand combat system. One of these men, Vasili Oschepkov, taught judo and karate to elite Red Army forces at the Central Red Army House. He had earned his nidan (second degree black belt out of then five) from judo's founder, Kano Jigoro, and he was one of the first foreigners who learned Judo in Japan and he used some of Kano's philosophy in formulating the early development of the new Soviet art.

Sambo was in part born of native Russian and other regional styles of grappling and combative wrestling, bolstered with the most useful and adaptable concepts and techniques from the rest of the world.

As the buffer between Europe and Asia, Russia had more than ample opportunity to evaluate the martial skills of various invaders. Earlier Russians had experienced threats from the Vikings in the West and the Tatars and Genghis Khan's Golden Horde from Mongolia in the East. The regional, native combat systems included in Sambo's genesis are Tuvan Khuresh, Yakuts khapsagai, Chuvash akatuy, Georgian chidaoba, Moldavian trinta, Armenian kokh, and Uzbek Kurash to name a few.

The foreign influences included various styles of European wrestling, Japanese jujutsu, French Savate and other martial arts of the day plus the classical Olympic sports of amateur boxing and Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. Sambo even derived lunging and parrying techniques from the Italian school of swordsmanship.

Sambo's early development stemmed from the independent efforts of Oschepkov and another Russian, Victor Spiridonov, to integrate the techniques of judo into native wrestling styles. Spiridonov's background involved indigenous styles of Russian martial art. His "soft-style" was based on the fact that he received a bayonet wound during the Russo-Japanese War which left his left arm lame. Both Oschepkov and Spiridonov hoped that the Russian styles could be improved by an infusion of the techniques distilled from jujutsu by Kano Jigoro into his new style of jacket wrestling. Contrary to common lore, Oschepkov and Spiridonov did not cooperate on the development of their hand-to-hand systems. Rather, their independent notions of hand-to-hand combat merged through cross-training between students and formulative efforts by their students and military staff. While Oschepkov and Spiridonov did have occasion to collaborate, their efforts were not completely united.

Each technique was carefully dissected and considered for its merits, and if found acceptable in unarmed combat, refined to reach Sambo's ultimate goal: to stop an armed or unarmed adversary in the least time possible. Thus, the best techniques of jujutsu and its cousin, judo, entered the Sambo repertoire. When the techniques were perfected, they were woven into Sambo applications for personal self-defense, police, crowd control, border guards, secret police, dignitary protection, psychiatric hospital staff, military, and commandos.

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Richard Rowland
Rankings in Martial Arts
7th Dan Black Belt Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu
4th Dan Black Belt Judo
4th Degree Combat Sombo Instructor
Dan Rank in Kenpo & Shorin Ryu Karate
Founder " Rowland's Sambo "
USA Certified Freestyle Wrestling Coach
USA Certified Grecco-Roman Wrestling Coach

John Cozatt
2nd Degree Black Belt Combat Sambo International
Grandmaster Martin Clarke
Student Comment:
Just wanted to say I'm very happy with the Sambo DVD's, and am picking up useful techniques. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Rowland. I currently train MMA and the Combat Sambo has techniques not really taught by mma/jiu-jitsu schools, I notice now when I roll I will use a technique and my opponent has no clue how to defend, thus making my job a lot easier.
Chris " Big Show " Olech.
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