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About the Instructors:
Sensei Rich Rowland is the founder of the Taiki Ryu Judo system and currently holds 4th Dan in Freestyle Judo, 5th Dan in Jiu-Jitsu as well as Black Belt ranking in two Karate systems. Rich has a career fight record of 173-4-1, which includes Judo competitions, Wrestling competition and Bare Knuckles fights. One of Sensei Rowlands first instructors was a Green Beret'.

Soke Cozatt has trained with several military students and law enforcement to help improve upon their existing self defense technique.

  Certified Instructor Program
           No belt system
Excellent for men and women
 No time limits on certification
       Devastating attacks
   No fancy dancy stuff that complicates natural reactions
      Improvised weapons
    Aggressive "first strike"      
   Knife Defense & Offense

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Video 1: Offensive Ground Attacking w/Rich Rowland
Video 2: Improvised Weapons w/John Cozatt
Video 3: Edged Weapons w/Rich Rowland

The above material is required for Instructor Certification
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Close Quarter Battle
RJJ Tanto-Jutsu is a stand alone course designed to teach the user the fundamentals of knife use for self defense.  The program outlined in this manual can be refined through practice to bring the practitioner to an advanced level of skill.

By Fernan Vargas
With contributing author German Dominguez​​
This add-on to the RCQB program is an e-book which will be delivered to your in box within 24 hours of ordering ( usually quicker ). Consists of approx. 120 pages of written curriculum and many illustrations. Completion of this course and the 3 DVD's above would result in RCQB Gold Certification. Just $14. 95 for the e-book alone ( in pdf format ), or $95.00 for book and prepaid Gold Level Certification Exam.
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