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This course is instructed by Master Troy Burchett, 2001 World Karate Champion ( Arnold Classic ). Master Burchett has also won a Gold Medal in the Battle of Columbus for Forms, Weapons & Sparring. If you are looking for a versatile training program that covers all the bases, Black Dragon Kenpo Karate is for you.
Master Burchett has packed all the necessary material to earn your Black Belt ranking in Kenpo into 2 DVD's,
specially priced at just $59.95. Plus, all test material may be placed on one video test tape with a low, low
test price of just $59.95 which includes return s/h, belt and promotional certificate or ID Certification Card ( upon successful completion ) ! All no nonsense street
survival, very functional, hard and soft mix, no forms, contains
approx. 70 base techniques.
About the Instructor: Master Troy Burchett holds Black Belt ranking in two Karate systems. He is the World Karate Champion ( Arnold Classic 2001) and has turned his handicap into an explosive Karate system, you see Troy is legally blind
and can only see a few feet in front of himself.
Master Burchett is available for Seminars and Personal
Appearances. Questions ?
Black Dragon Traditional DVD's,use to rank to 1st Degree, only $39.95, save $10! Free shipping. Includes Katas.
Black Dragon Secrets of Survival, only $39.95, save $10, (all material to 1st Degree Black Belt on two DVD's ).
Order the Black Dragon Total Package Here, includes (2) Secrets of Survival DVD's, 2 Traditional DVD's, Master's DVD & Cane DVD, total of 6 DVD's. Just $69.95 right now !
Troy Burchett's " Tai Yoga ", a unique blend of martial arts & yoga. Certification is available for those interested in teaching this system. DVD, just $29.99 ! Or get both DVD's now, just $49.95, free worldwide shipping.
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