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The Kan Shu Kenpo Karate course makes an excellent stand alone or add on system. The course is demonstated on 5 DVD's, containing 47 base techniques plus a short form per level. The material is most similar to American
Kenpo, the forms mainly Chinese, combine the two and you have Kan Shu.
Hard hitting, simple and effective, the Kan Shu course to 1st Deg. Black Belt
( 5 DVD's) sells for $129.95 for the set, single dvd's are $34.95, all pricing includes free shipping !
Test Fees: The Kenpo course is 5 belt levels, first test is $35 and it then increases by $10 per belt level.
Fee includes review of your test tape, and if successful, your certificate for that level.
New Prepay Special ! Just $149.00 pays all testing through 1st Black !
About the Instructors: The course is instructed by John Cozatt and Sifu Fournier.
John's background info may be read on the Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu page, Sifu
Fournier's on the Five Animal Kung Fu page. Both John and Chris
hold Black Belt ranking in  Kenpo, and have combined their knowledge to
bring you Kan Shu Kenpo Karate. A combination of self defense technique, ground basics & short forms. 
          KAN SHU KENPO
  5 DVD set to Black Belt , sale price just $59.95, free shipping !​
Or get the Kenpo Extension series
  instructed by Jeff Brown, below​​
Best Deal ! Get all 5 DVD's to Black Belt level, plus prepaid testing through 1st Degree, $199.95 total, save over $200 right now !
New Kenpo Certificate Design
Actual certificates printed on
        parchment paper​
Kan Shu Kenpo Master Levels DVD with Aaron Weiner, 4 levels on one DVD, can be used to test up to 5th Deg. , $39.95.
5th Degree Option. You may use Buy Now button below to get the original
5 DVD set, plus the Advanced Rank DVD with 4 advanced rank levels on
one DVD, and prepay all exam fees to 5th Deg. Black for $299.95.​​
Japanese - Ken (fist) Po (law)

Chinese - Ch'uan (fist) Fa (law)
Kan Shu Kenpo DVD Options