Ground Combatives
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SALE ! Krav Maga Combatives Course, 3 DVD set, reg. $99.95, just $59.95 right now !
Krav Maga Ground Combatives. Take your Krav Maga training to the next level.
Don't sell yourself short, learn escapes from your back that work, how to counter throwing techniques, countering takedowns, reversing bad situations, take your Krav Maga training to the next level !
 Krav Maga Ground Combatives / Certified Instructor certificate available to those who opt to send in their test videos, this is entirely optional. Entire Ground Combatives exam may be done on one video test...
Or get the above 3 DVD's, plus prepay for your exam for Krav Maga Ground Combatives Certified Instructor , special offer, $125 !
 Rich Rowland
& John Cozatt

DVD 1 / Stopping & Defending the TakeDown: covers various single leg defenses, the Sprawl, Penetration Step, Turning Throw Counters, Under Hook Counters, Defending Clinch, ​​Side Body Lock Counters, Sprawl Drill, Rear Grab
Counters & more.

DVD 2 / Getting Out of Bad Positions : Dog Fight Position, the Patterson, Side Body Lock Escapes, Anaconda Roll, Mount Escapes, Bridge & Roll, Reversing Side Control, Shrimping, Side Head Lock Counter, Hip Heist & more.

DVD 3 / Escaping Dangerous Submissions : covers escaping the Arm Bar, variations, Deep Arm Bar Escapes, Transitions, Kimura Escape, Preliminary
Triangle Escape, Posturing, Locked On Triangle Escape ( Cozatt Version ), and escaping Dangerous Holds such as Thai Clinch & more.

                    A MUST FOR KRAV MAGA PRACTITIONERS !!!​​​​​​​​
Krav Maga Combatives