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Sho Dai Soke John Cozatt began his Martial Arts training at age 11 with James McGlucas, a Black Belt in Judo. Soke presently teaches only Jiu-Jitsu, from his Dojo in the West Virginia mountains. Soke is the founder of the Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu system and Shintai Ryu Martial Arts Association, as well as the IRJJA.


Soke holds Dan rankings in Aiki Ju-Jitsu, Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Kenpo & Krav Maga. Soke also holds Kyu rank in Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu and a Brown Sash in Pai Lum Kung Fu. Soke was named Founder of the Year by the EUSA International Black Belt Hall of Fame in the year 2000 in honor of the Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu system. .
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Ai - union, harmony
Ki - universal energy, spirit

Aiki - harmonizing of
universal energy

Ryu - method or way

The Combat Aiki Ryu
Grading is done on
one video test tape.
Only $99.00 for Black
Belt test !
Simply demonstrate
all techniques from
DVD's 2,3,4 & 5
and submit for your
grading. This only
consists of 37 base
techniques to be
tested on, but the
possibilites of com-
binations from these
base techniques are
endless ...

Combat Aiki Ryu -
A combative method
of universal energy,
a union of harmony
and destruction of
the enemy.
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