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About the Instructor:
Sensei Rich Rowland is the instructor for the URSL. Sensei Rowland holds Black Belt ranking in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and two Karate Systems. Sensei Rowland has a current fight record of 173-4-1 including Judo competitions, Bare Knuckles and Wrestling.
Sensei Rich makes the learning experience in this series fun. You won't get through tape one without realizing how effective these moves are. Stop missing the sneaky little setups the pros use, order the Submissions Library today.
If you've ever wanted to add a class to your current teachings, or simply have the desire to improve your MMA game this course is for you. Winning strategies, setups, transitions, and finishing moves brought to you by one of SRMAA's most proficient instructors, Rich Rowland.
Get started now with Volume One of SRMAA's MMA Certified Instructor program. Volume One covers winning strategies from the cross body position, or side control. Learn how to set-up your opponent from the side control position to rain down punches or finish with a submission. Includes striking on the transition, armlocks from side control, obtaining full mount, maintaining side control, controlling your opponent, Kimura, Americana and more...

Volume Two ! This DVD covers all the main striking techniques from a standing position, plus a segment on proper stance. Includes knees, elbows, hand strikes & leg kicks. Shows the how and why of setting up the strikes and making them work.

Volumes Three & Four : Submissions & Counters, 2 volumes detailing the Kimura, Kimura to a Kimura, ArmBars that work from the guard in an MMA setting, ArmBar counter, Achilles Lock, Achilles Counters, Guillotine from Side Control, Rear Naked Choke, Rear Naked Counters, Rear Naked to ArmBar, KneeBar from Turtle position, unique Paper Cutter ArmBar & more...

Volume Five : Fight Tips ! This is basically a bonus, Rich discusses useful information for instructors, trainers, coaches and competitors. No test material on this DVD.
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