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Originally taught to law enforcement and military, used and developed by the Shaolin Monks. Includes grappling, joint locks and much more.

White to Blue Sash includes: Stances, strikes and escapes.
Blue to Brown Sash includes: Intermediate techniques, self defense.
Brown to Black Sash includes: Kick defenses, punch defenses, weapons defenses & pressure points.

Order Troy Burchett's Chin Na Kung Fu Home Study Course below, all material on 3 DVD's !
The Master's DVD includes Chi Kung, Meditation, Offensive Chin Na Locks and controls, Dim Mak Points ( top 25 ) , attacking from ground, Zhou Jen ( nerve and muscle holds ) and bone breaks.

                    Testing Fees for Chin Na:

         White to Blue Sash ( by itself ) -- $29.99
          Blue to Brown Sash ( by itself )- $29.99
        Black Sash ( by itself ) ------------- $39.99

Optionally, a student may do their entire Burchett's Chin Na Kung Fu testing on one video tape for just $69.99.
 to seize or control
Order the entire Chin Na Kung Fu series to 1st Level Black Sash here, only $49.95, or get the 4 DVD Master's set for just $10 more for $59.95, save $40 !
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