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Tai Chi & Qi Qong 'Book of Secrets'

Tai Chi Chuan a.k.a. Tai Ji Quan is an ancient Chinese martial art. There are many different styles of Tai Chi like: Yang, Wu, Sun, Wudang and Chen style. Tai Chi you practise according Silk Reeling, Taolu form, Tui Shou pushing hands, Selfdefense, Qi Qong ( Chi Kung ), Meditation and more.

This e-book is written by teacher and author Douwe Geluk from the Netherlands. Douwe is the owner of Tai Chi Apeldoorn 'Bron van Geluk' = 'Source of Happiness'. The book gives a detailed description of Tai Chi, Qi Qong, and has a Chapter of revelations with Tai Chi & Qi Qong secrets learn the Swimming Turtle and more, 35 pages, pdf format.