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   The He Yong Gan Cane Fighters International Group offers you a Cane Fighting Instructor Course through Shintai Ryu Martial Arts. Cane Fighting is also known as Sutekki Jutsu and sometimes Cane Ryu ( dragon cane or school of the cane ).

   This course is instructed by instructor Wesley Broekhuis from Apeldoorn the Netherlands. This course offers much realistic techniques which are suitable for Self defense situations.

Going though the basics of Cane Fighting Martial Arts like: Stances, Handling, Combat Skills, Rolls & Falls. Later you will learn the 16 Angles Concepts, the 16 Blocks Form and the 16 Instant situational self defense techniques, Keep Distance Pushing Away, Awareness and Jumping and Ducking Skills

   This is followed by 20 situational self defense techniques: Unarmed, Against Knives, Guns, Ground techniques, against a Fence and Sitting on a Chair. After this you will learn Nage Waza of Throwing methods and a Traditional Cane Fighting Form.

    It continues with a Cane Qi Gong set of 5 exercises. Qi Gong also spelled Chi Kung has many health benefits. It is to Channel your Chi Energy and get a correct breathing pattern. 

   Then you will learn Cane Shadow Fighting, Full Contact Combinations against a Heavy Bag and Pad Dummy Fighting. This is followed by 3 break tests on wood and concrete. Eventually you will go to the fights. Full Contact Cane Fighting standing, and Full Contact Cane Fighting on the ground.

   This course is for everyone but also a great addition for existing martial arts teachers and instructors.

Check also the website of Shaolin He Yong Gan martial arts school in the Netherlands: https://www.shaolin-vechtkunst.nl