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The Shintai Ryu Ninjitsu course is a hybrid system of Ninjitsu instructed by
Soke Joshua Carr. Soke Carr has training in Ninjitsu, Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo, this
Home Study Course as created by Soke Carr has influence from all 3 styles.
This is not pure Ninjitsu, nor Ninjutsu.

Yellow Belt: Covers stances, rolls, and falls.
Green Belt: Covers Tai Sabaki ( Ninja Movements), Jumping Technique, Ninja Walking, Five Element Techniques and Stealth and Invisibility Discussion.
Blue Belt: Covers Strikes ( 11 different strikes ), Kicks ( 9 total ) and Advanced Body Movements.
Purple Belt: Contains 9 situational defenses.
Brown Belt: Contains 12 situational defenses including Multiple Attack Scenario.
Red Belt: Covers 13 situational defenses.
Black Belt: Contains a sword form, Jo requirements, Blocks ( 5 total ), and stick techniques.
Complete test package is included with each order.
Test Fees: You can test the first 2 levels on one DVD for $39, the next two levels for $39, then Red & Brown levels at $39 each, then your Black Belt test for $79. A total of $196.00.
The Ninjitsu course is a 7 belt level ( on 5 DVD's ) series. Covers situational defenses,
stealth, Ninja Walking and more. Instructed by Soke Josh Carr.
  Sample of redesigned  rank certificate
                 that can be earned .​
Order the Ninjitsu  5 DVD set to Black Belt , includes 7 levels, reg. $129.99, on sale now for $79.95, or get the 5 DVD set and prepay
your Ninjitsu exam to 1st Level Black Belt for just $199.95 ! Free shipping on either.​
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