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DVD Prices / Grading Fees for Systema
Systema ( meaning The System ) is a Russian Martial art. Training includes but isn't limited to : hand to hand, grappling, knife fighting, firearms training and more. Main elements cover Breathing, Movement, Taking Strikes, Striking, The Trinity and Low Acrobatics. 
    As a discipline, it has become more and more popular among police and security forces outside Russia. There are many schools of Systema, including Systema Kadochnikova, Systema Ryabko, Systema Vasiliev and Systema TALANOV. ​

DVD #1, 2,3,4,5 or 6 ( one dvd only ) -------------------------$34.      95 with free worldwide shipping
DVD's 1 thru 6 ( complete set ) ------------------------------      -- $119.95  "      "           "             "
Exam prices per level ------------------------------      ---------------    39.95 x 6 levels (just under 240 )
Exam price if prepaid all upfront ------------------------------      -   199.95    
DVD's plus exam prepaid ( 6 dvds and exams all )  ------  299.95  "      "             "            "
 6 DVD SET intro priced at $99.95
    plus free worldwide shipping !!!​
Instructor Alexander Parker has been interested and testing the Martial Arts all of his life. He first learned how to box at the age of 13. He then moved to New York where he was introduced to Systema, it was an instant attraction, he then spend all his time learning Systema. Now that he is an instructor he wants to teach everyone about Systema. He has studied with the best. Hope you enjoy the course. 
Systema DVD's/Testing
Alexander Parker