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 Southern Chinese Standing Monkey Kungfu is originated in the southern Shaolin Temple of Fukien and influenced by their headmaster Su Kong Tai Djin. Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin born in 1849 had a very rare disease of which hair was growing all over his body. This disease is called hypertrichosis.
 ​ The parents of the young Su Kong believed because of his disease that Su Kong was a demon. So they left their child in a forest around a temple. A monk found the young Su Kong and took him with him to the temple. Su Kong was raised in the temple, and because he looked so different he almost never left the temple.
 ​In the temple Su Kong studied different methods of Chinese martial arts under them were the Crane, Dragon and Monkey Boxing. At the end of the 19th century the temple was destroyed by a government army and a small group could flee. Under thus group of warriors was also grandmaster Su Kong and he took this Monkey art with him.
A great " special mini program " on the art of Chinese Southern Monkey Kung Fu, taught by Sifu Douwe Geluk from the Netherlands.
This is a special Standing Tall Monkey course which originated in the southern Shaolin Temple in China. This Monkey Kung Fu course is a great extra add on for existing Kung Fu teachers, as well as other teachers of the martial arts who love to do something special.
 This course contains: Monkey Kung Fu stances, Monkey punches, Monkey kicks, a traditional Monkey Form, and several Monkey Kung Fu defense techniques, as well as hardening exercises, all contained in this southern Chinese Monkey Kung Fu system. 
 Standing Chinese, standing or tall Monkey Boxing has a very unique way of moving, and is somewhat unorthodox when compared to other martial arts. ​
 We hope you enjoy the program, all jam packed onto one DVD. ​​​
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Monkey Kung Fu, the story continues...
Now offering DVD's 2 & 3, or a total of 3 DVD's, see above for purchasing options. Instruction by Sifu Douwe Geluk & Sifu Ferry van der Toorn assisted by Argentina Cotcheza and Douwe ter Horst.  Includes Bo defenses, Jo defenses, 20 basic techniques, Qi Qong section, Meditation section, Monkey sparring, movement drill, and 7 Ways of the Monkey. On sale above right now. ​​
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