Street Boxe
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Order Krav Maga Street Boxe Certification Course here, regular price is $99.95, on sale right now for just $74 with free worldwide shipping.
   A uniquely designed 3 DVD course lots of offense in DVD #1, entitled " Strikes " which covers proper Krav Maga striking techniques as applied to street encounters. DVD #2 " Defense Against Grabs & Strikes " goes into the countering mode, defensive, and the final DVD covers a wide variety of self defense against choking techniques, entitled
" Self Defense Scenarios Against Chokes " .
This course is an excellent stand alone course, and works out well as an add-on module for your future Krav Maga classes and lessons in your own school.
Alberto Merlo
For Krav Maga Street Boxe Certification, individuals may submit one test video with testing / certification fee of $99.95 to Alberto Merlo, complete instructions included with your order.