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Katana do: Rank structure

8th Kyu Fundamentals
7th Kyu Basic Strikes
6th Kyu Walking and gallop drills
5th Kyu Charging and retreat striking
4th Kyu Advanced strikes
3rd Kyu Blocking and advanced strikes
2nd Kyu Live blade training
1st Kyu Katas I
1st Dan Katas II

2nd Dan Katas III
3rd Dan Katas IV
4th Dan Katas V
5th Dan Katas VI

6th Dan Katas VII
Project Summary

Katana do: Techniques, drills, and katas for the solo sword artist

This martial arts instructional video is an original style created for the individual sword practiconer. The information presented is a blend of the Japanese sword arts of Kendo, Iaido, and Ninjutsu as well as the Korean style of Shim Soo Gum Do.

The following techniques
​are demonstrated:

​Dojo etiquette
Basic strikes and blocks
Walking and gallop drills
Charging and retreat drills
Advanced strikes
Live blade techniques
35 Live blade katas

Grandmaster Michael A. Stelzer holds several advanced ranks (9th Dan and above) of martial arts. Additionally, he holds 3 Doctoral of Science degrees and is a certified professional wrestler.
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