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Hapkido literally translates " the way of coordinated power ". The art of Hapkido is based on 3 theories: The Circle Theory, the Water Theory and the Harmony Theory. The Circle Theory is based on producing power by moving in circular patterns rather than linear. The Water Theory is based on taking the path of least resistance, and the Harmony Theory states that you must not meet force with force. By utilizing these 3 theories, an attack can be defended with as little force as necessary.

Master Blaine Grissom started studying Hapkido in 1984 and is a Certified Hapkido Instructor through the World Kido Federation.
        Course instructed by
      Master Blaine Grissom‚Äč
" the way of coordinated power "
Testing Fees

Individual tests on Hapkido are the same format and price as the Tang Soo Do.
$35 per level or place two levels on one test tape for just $60, then Black Belt test fee
is $115.00.
( Nak Bup ) Breakfalls and Rolling / 10th Gup
( Breakaways ) / 9th & 8th Gup
( Boo Chae ) Fan Grabs / 7th & 6th Gup
( Hei-Jun ) 4 Direction Throw / 5th & 4th Gup
( Yun-Hang ) Centerlock / 3rd & 2nd Gup
( Pal Kum Chi ) Armbar / 1st Gup
( Pal Kun Chi & Son Mok ) Armbar and Snake / 1st Dan
(NEW) for 2nd Dan / Finishing Moves
(NEW) for 2nd Dan / Ho Sin Sool
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